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Pertaining to the French colonists of the Bay of Fundy Basin and their modern-day descendants around the world.


Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain. ...


Reflecting the values and tastes or other characteristics of an aristocracy.


French unit of land measurement encompassing approximately . ...


Present-day Ascension Parish, Louisiana.


The Audiencia de Santo Domingo papers in the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain. ...

Assumption Parish

Established in the 1770s by Acadian and Canary Island immigrants. ...

Atchafalaya River

This stream runs from the lower Red River to Atchafalaya Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. ...


Colonial administrative district encompassing the modern Louisiana civil parishes of Lafayette, St. ...

Baie des Ouines

Present-day Saint Anne Bay, New Brunswick.

Baie Française

Bay of Fundy

Baton Rouge

Present-political capital of Louisiana. ...

Bay of Fundy

The body of water lying between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Bayou des Écores

Present-day Thompson's Creek, the dividing line between East Baton Rouge and West Feliciana parishes (between Baton Rouge and St. ...

Bayou Goula

Settlement created by 1785 Acadian immigrants in the vicinity of the present Iberville Parish hamlet of the same name. ...

Bayou Lafourche

A major distributary of the Mississippi River, running from present-day Donaldsonville, Louisiana, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Bayou Plaquemine Brulée

A small stream running through present-day Church Point, Louisiana. ...


This French term can mean either father-in-law or stepfather.


This term can mean either stepson or son-in-law.


This term can mean either father-in-law or stepfather.

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