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Given Names:

Magdeleine (Madeleine, Magdelaine)




Date of Birth:



Baptised At:

Date of Baptism:




Married to Amand Préjean at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, July 21, 1749.


Marie (born 1750), Anastasie (born 1751), Anne (Marianne) (born 1752), Marie Magdeleine (born August 1769), Joseph (born 1760), André (born October 6, 1765), Louis (baptized January 20, 1771), Félicité (born December 11, 1772)



The baptismal record for her son André indicates that she and her family arrived in Louisiana in 1765. Probably initially settled in the Attakapas district. Identified in the April 9, 1766, census of Cabannocé as the thirty-eight-year-old wife of Amand Préjean. The family occupied a farm measuring six arpents frontage along the right bank of the Mississippi River. The following children were present in the household: Marin, André, Anastasie, and Anne. Identified in the September 14, 1769, census of St. Jacques de Cabannocé as the forty-one-year-old spouse of Amand Préjean. Her household included the following persons: Amand Préjean, 40 years old; Joseph, her son, 10 years old, André, her son, 4 years old; Anastasie, her daughter, 18 months old; Marianne (Anne), her daughter, 16 years old; and Marie Magdeleine, her daughter, 1 month old. The family occupied a tract of land with six arpents frontage. They owned eight cattle, one horse, twenty hogs, and one musket. Identified in the August 1, 1770, census of Ascension Parish as the forty-eight-year-old spouse of Amand (Amant) Préjean. In addition to her forty-seven-year-old husband, her household included the following persons: Joseph Préjean, her son, 10 years old; André Préjean, her son, 5 years old; Anne Préjean, her daughter, 17 years old; and Marie Préjean, h er daughter, 2 years old.

Circumstances of Death:

Death Occurred At:

Date of Death:

Interred At:

Church of the Ascension (Donaldsonville)

Date of Burial:

Friday, December 18, 1772


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