Record Detail

Given Names:

Ambroise Barnabé




dit Barnabé

Date of Birth:



Beaubassin, Acadia

Baptised At:

Date of Baptism:


Anne Cyr


Ambroise Martin dit Barnabé


Married Marie Magdeleine (Madeleine) Gaudin (Godin) dit Bellefontaine, daughter of Jean Gaudin dit Bellefontaine and Françoise Dugas, ca. 1759.


Hélène (born 1761), Élisabeth (born March 21, 1765), Marguerite (born 1770), Rosalie (born 1772), Paul (born 1775)


Appears to have been among the Acadian prisoners of war at Halifax, August 16, 1763.


Received from New Orleans merchant Antoine de St. Maxent a receipt for 410 livres in Canadian card money and 445 livres in Canadian paper money sent to Bordeaux on behalf of the Louisiana Acadians for possible redemption by the French crown. (The attempt was evidently unsuccessful.) The January 23, 1770, muster roll of the First Company of the Acadian Coast militia unit indicates that he was a fusilier, a resident of the left bank of the Mississippi River, a native of Acadie, and a thirty-five-year-old married man residing two leagues from Commandant Nicolas Verret's residence. The April 15, 1777, census of the inhabitants of the left bank of the Mississippi River at St. Jacques de Cabannocé indicates that he was the forty-two-year-old head of a household that also included the following persons: Magdeleine Gaudin, his wife, 39 years old; Paul Martin, his son, 2 years old; Hélène Martin, his daughter, 16 years old; Elizabeth Martin, his daughter, 12 yeasrs old; Marguerite Martin, his daughter, 7 years old; Rosalie Martin, his daughter, 5 years old; and Jean Gaudin, his brother-in-law, 30 years old. Ambroise Martin and his family owned a tract of land with five arpents frontage on the Mississippi River. He also owned twelve cows and three horses.

Circumstances of Death:

His burial record inciates taht he was seventy years of age and married at the time of his death.

Death Occurred At:

Date of Death:

Interred At:

St. Jacques de Cabannocé, La.

Date of Burial:

Thursday, January 14, 1796


Recapitulation of the receipts Maxent furnished the Acadians, April 1, 1765. AC, C 13a, 45:29; Woods and Nolan, comps., Sacramental Records, 2:198; Martin and Martin, Remember Us, 129; Muster Roll for the First Company, Acadian Coast Militia, January 23, 1770, AGI, PPC, legajo 161; General Census of St. Jacques de Cabannocé, April 15, 1777, AGI, PPC, 190:192 et seq.; Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records, 2:520.

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