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Isabelle (Elisabeth, Élizabeth)




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Baptised At:

Date of Baptism:


Anne Trahan


Louis Latier




Among the Acadian exiles and German Catholics who pooled money to buy passage to Louisiana, late 1768. The passengers soon discovered that the vessel upon which they were to sail was unseaworthy, and they were obliged to refit the ship. Departed Port Tobacco, Maryland, for Louisiana aboard the Britain, January 5, 1769. The ship's provisions were dangerously low when the ship sailed. Arrived off the Louisiana coast on February 21, but the ship's commander refused to put ashore; instead the vessel sailed aimlessly throughout the Gulf of Mexico until the passengers, who had been reduced to eating rats and shoe leather, mutinied and forced the sailors to make landfall as quickly as possible. Upon landing at Matagorda Bay, the crew and passengers were arrested and detained as smugglers by Spanish authorities at Goliad, Texas. The Acadians subsequently worked at local ranches during days, returning to their detention center in the presidio at night, until their release on August 11, 1769. The Acadians subsequently traved overland to Natchitoches, where they arrived October 24, then to the Iberville District. Many of the Acadians in this party continued on to the Opelousas District, where they finally settled.


Circumstances of Death:

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