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This term identifies important place names in pre-dispersal Nova Scotia and in post-dispersal Louisiana. ...

belle soeur

This French term can mean either sister-in-law or stepsister.


This French term can mean either mother-in-law or stepmother.


This term can mean either stepsister or sister-inlaw.


When these letters follow a number in a citation, the expression means that the page number is mistakenly repeated in the pagination of the collection's folios.


A mixture of mud and moss (and sometimes horse hair or deer hair) used as an infill material in the walls of Acadian and Creoles homes. ...

Côte Gelée

Early Acadian settlement in the vicinity of present-day Broussard, Louisiana. ...


circa, around


Colonial administrative district encompassingpresent-day St. James Parish


An English corruption of the term Acadian. ...

Canceau, Campseau



Early Acadian fishing village in northeastern Nova Scotia.

Cap Lomeron

Present-day Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Cap Neigre

Camp Negro

Cape Breton Island

Island off the northeastern coast of Nova Scotia.

Chaleur Bay / Baie des Chaleurs

Body of water dividing northern New Brunswick from the Gaspé Peninsula.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Chedabouctou, Shedabouctou

Guysboro, Nova Scotia

Chicot Noir

Acadian settlement in the vicinity of present-day Jeanerette, Louisiana.


A loose pre-dispersal regional designation for the area between the Maccan, Nappan, and Hébert rivers on the east and the Shepody and Petitcodiac rivers on the west.


Pre-dispersal Acadian settlements in the area surrounding present-day Truro, Nova Scotia.

Collatoral lines

Close relatives who are not your direct ancestors or descendants, such as uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins.

colombage sur sol

Medieval half-timber construction technique in which a house was built of a large framework of beams. ...


A term meaning native to an area. ...


Descendants, according to Webster's dictionary, are individuals "proceeding from an ancestor in any degree. ...

dispensation of consanguinity

ecclesiastical authorization for cousins to marry


Colonial administrative unit comparable to a modern Louisiana parish. ...


Technically, during the much of the colonial period, this term meant an indentured worker. ...

et seq.

and following (used in reference to folio numbers)

Fausse Pointe

Acadian settlement in the vicinity of present-day Loreauville, Louisiana. ...

Foreign French

The French immigrants of the nineteenth century.

Fort Edward

Present-day Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Fort Saint-Louis

Present-day Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


Present-day Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


Louisiana's colonial land system was based on the Norman long lot. ...


A soldier armed with a musket (fusil); in modern parlance, a private in the infantry.


A small town on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Grand Dérangement

The term applied by historians to the 1755 deportation and subsequent dispersal of the Acadian population.

Grand Pré

The largest pre-dispersal Acadian settlement located along the Minas Basin. ...




settler (by inference, a farmer)


Present-day Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

Ile St-Jean

Modern-day Prince Edward Island.


Native to an area. ...


Interchangeable with Elizabeth in eighteenth century French.

Isle aux Marais

Bayougoula Towhead, an island in the Mississippi River above White Castle, Louisiana.

La Hève

Present-day La Have, Nova Scotia

La Manque

An early Acadian settlement thought to have been in the vicinity of modern-day Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. ...

La Pointe

Early Acadian settlements in the vicinity of modern-day Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.


a ploughman; also a member of the highest class in French peasant society

Lafourche des Chetimachas

A Spanish-period administrative district. ...

Lake Pontchartrain

Large lake dividing New Orleans from the north shore settlements of Mandeville, Madisonville, and Covington.


In colonial Louisiana, the French league 2. ...

left bank

Colonial navigational term denoting the left bank of a stream when facing the waterway's mouth


When Louisiana's Spanish regime was dismantled, many of the colonial records of the late eighteenth century were organized into haphazardly arranged bundles, tied with pink ribbons, and sent to government warehouses in Seville, Spain. ...


A province on the Franco-German border. ...

Magdeleine / Madeleine

The two names were interchangeable in eighteenth-century Louisiana.


Pertaining to your mother's family.

Minas Basin

Technically an arm of the Bay of Fundy extending eastward into Nova Scotia. ...


Located along the Miramichi River in present-day New Brunswick, it was an important early post-dispersal settlement. ...


Madame, Mrs.

New England

A generic term used by the Acadian exiles in Louisiana to refer to the English colonies along the North American seaboard. ...


Colonial administrative district encompassing the modern Louisiana civil parishes of St. ...

passenger manifest

List of passengers aboard a ship.


Pre-dispersal Acadian settlements along the Petitcodiac River, in the vicinity of modern-day Moncton, New Brunswick.


The basis monetary unit in the Spanish empire; it is comparable to the modern American dollar. ...


Pre-dispersal Acadian settlements around the present Nova Scotian communities of Hantsport, Falmouth, and Windsor.

Plaquemine Brulé

The area surrounding present-day Church Point, Louisiana.


Present-day Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

Port Rochelais

Present-day Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Port Rossignol

Present-day Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Port Royal

The pre-dispersal Acadian settlements surrounding present-day Annapolis, Nova Scotia.


A popular construction technique in New France, Acadia, and early Louisiana. ...


Papeles Procedentes de Cuba, an enormous documentary collection in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain. ...

Prairie Belleview / Bellevue

An early Acadian settlement along Bayou Tesson, about four miles south of present-day Opelousas. ...

Prairie des Coteaux

Acadian settlement along the edge of the prairie terrace just east of present-day Opelousas, Louisiana.


Colonial land grants along Louisiana's major streams customarily extended forty arpents in depth. ...

right bank

Colonial navigation term meaning the right bank of a stream when facing the waterway's mouth

Rivière des Habitants

Present-day Cornwallis River, Nova Scotia.

Rivière du Dauphin

Present-day Annapolis River, Nova Scotia.

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